Our Partners and Supporters

We consider our partners part of the TMH whanau. Where possible we use the spare capacity that exists within their business. So, for example NZ Post Global Logistics supply spare warehouse space in Wiri and space for our containers, Swire Shipping provide space on their ships up to the Solomon Islands, and PBT Transport have been transporting equipment from our providers to our warehouse for the last four years using spare space on their trucks and vans. Where spare capacity can’t be used our partners have been generous in providing every cost effective option, which allows us to do more with just a little.

We believe in partnerships that have mutual benefit and we endeavor to give as good as we get from our partners. We provide stories for their internal and external communications, provide testimonials and promote their work as much as we can. As a result our partnerships have been growing in strength and commitment.

We would like to thank following for their generous support and commitment to the work we do.

NZ Post Global Logistics Team        logo


PBT Transport                                      logo



Swire Shipping                                    logo




Sea Containers                                       SeaContainers2


One Percent Collective                              OPC-logo_TMH


Mondiale                                                mondiale



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