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150 people helped

Together we are making a massive difference in the world.  Between 2010 and 2015 we helped 150 people receive limbs, enabling them to work, participate in their community, and live the life they deserve to live.  Because of our partners and volunteers, people just like you, we were able to do this with just $200.  The impact of those 150 people being able to go back to school or work was valued at nearly $1 million!

So now we’re doing more, working with hospitals and health clinics in the Asia Pacific region, helping them by sourcing all kinds of medical equipment and resource so that they can better help their communities.

If you’re interested in working with Take My Hands as a donor, transport partner, recipient organization, or even a volunteer, please contact us at .

If you’d like to donate $$ we have a give a little page here that makes it really easy.