Improving lives by connecting those that have with those in need

Our Work

What we do and how we do it
Equipment Providers
Provide a platform to donate spare items that would otherwise enter landfill.
Transport Partners
Coordinate the delivery items from equipment providers to warehouse.
Recipient Organisations
Work with recipient organisations to find items that they need.
Take My Hands
Maintain relationships, Co-ordinate transport of equipment. Collect stories of impact.

About Us

Working hard to change the world for the better.

Take My Hands is a social enterprise that connects those that have, with those that need it. Currently our work is aimed at collecting usable medical equipment and resources that can no longer be used in New Zealand and redistributing them to organisations that work with those in need in the Asia Pacific Region. So far we’ve sent over 36,000kg of to 5 different countries, helping more than 7000 people, creating over $8 million in impact, and all for under $30,000.

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  • No# of People we have helped


  • % of Spare Capacity used in our process approx
  • Volunteer hours v Paid hours

Our Team

Janette Searle
Managing Trustee
Janette has a wide and varied career working in the creative, health, and not for profit sectors. Her passion is to work with a team to make great ideas a reality. Turns out TMH was a great idea and the team she\’s working with is really awesome.
Carol Searle
Trustee – Chairperson
Carol is a founding Trustee of TMH. She met Janette at national women\’s hospital in 1971 and while the pair have a strong bond it is Carols knowledge and passion for the health and disability sector that make her the perfect Chair for the TMH board.
John Gale
John was invited to join the TMH family in 2015 as a trustee. He has a wealth of knowledge in health related IT and a huge amount of passion and drive for the work TMH does. He\’s been incredibly active in our South Island operations.
Jonathan Hulme
Jonathan is the Senior Manager of Terminal Operations & Employment Relations at Ports of Auckland. He has 20 years\’ worth of knowledge of all things to do with shipping, logistics, and port operations and understands both the joys and challenges of working internationally. This experience and industry know-how is a big advantage for the work we are doing here at Take My Hands. We’re delighted to have him join our board, and Jonathan tells us \”I am excited to be a part of Take My Hands and am looking forward to using my skillset and knowledge to support the good work already being done\”.
Mike Zeff
At the beginning of 2018 we welcomed our new Trustee, Mike Zeff. Mike brings with him a wealth of experience around technology integration for business and in particular enjoys bringing his innovations to start-ups and small business. We are so lucky to be able to benefit from his ideas and expertise.
Rich Field
Lead Developer
Rich joined the TMH family in 2015 when we drew him in with promises of home baking and chocolate to help us design and develop our Web Application. Now he\’s leading that development so that we can, like big brother, track everything we send.
Jemma Ross
Operations Administrator
With things really ramping up for Take My Hands this year, it has become necessary to get some help with the administrative and logistic side of things. We are excited to welcome our newest team member, Jemma Ross. Jemma brings with her a strong administrative and co-ordination background with a bit of HR and fashion design in the mix too.

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